“JZ” Cavalcante Hoping to Return May 29th at Dream

JZ Calvacante recently spoke with the Fight Network and he noted that he is looking to make a return to fight game soon, hoping to confirm a fight on the May 29th DREAM card. It should be interesting to see if Calvacante decides to ply his services Stateside and with whom. Dream and Strikeforce have been keen on exchanging of talent and JZ would be an excellent addition to that pact, however, Cavalcante working with Strikeforce may be a long shot. His home camp ATT has seemingly been loathe to work with the Fresno-based promotion for the most part. ATT-aligned fighters outside of the Zuffa-UFC-WEC purview have fallen in with one of several promotions, the two most prominent being Shine Fights and Bellator Fighting Championship. Even G-Force Fights, a local Miami-based MMA promotion, has hosted prominent ATT fighters like Jorge Masvidal and Hector Lombard. There have been a few instances ATT fighters in Strikeforce, including Antonio Bigfoot Silva (via his EliteXC contract) and Tyron Woodley as well, but the number of fighters ATT has in Strikeforce can be counted on one hand with several fingers left over. With the Strikeforce/UFC battle becoming an ever more political minefield to navigate, ATT may be steering clear of Strikeforce in order to preserve their ties to the UFC. The best chance of seeing Cavalcante stateside may be during the upcoming third season LW tourney in Bellator, if at all.


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