An In-Depth look at ImpactFC’s Thomas Huggins

With the Australian ImpactFC shows coming up soon, co-owner and head match maker Thomas Huggins has made several media appearances recently to shed more light on the card, speaking with Marcel Alonso as well as Shayna Baysler’s podcast. Here is a quick summary of what we have learned from those appearances. Huggins is a longstanding veteran of the business having been around the game for 16 years. In speaking with the press, he has listed himself in the company of folks such as Monte Cox, Jeff Osbourne, TJ Thompson, and others that have made their bones in the MMA business back in the early days. While not in a highly visisbile role for much of that time, he has been involved in many facets of the game. Huggins was greatly inovlved with fighter management, mainly with Brazilian fighters. Mario Sperry, Murilo Bustamante, Amauri Bittetti, Jorge Gurgel, Carlos Barreto, and Roberto Traven are among the more notable names that have dotted his roster of clients.

Huggins’ most notable early effort in MMA was the MARS card from Birmingham, Alabama in 1996 that featured the mythic Renzo Gracie vs Oleg Taktarov bout. The card also served a a vehichle for his other fighters with Bustamante, Sperry and Barreto featured on the card. Since that time he has promoted over 165 cards all over the world. He Has promoted or been matchmaker on cards in USA, Brazil, Russia, Australia and The Bahammas among other places but most recnetly he has shied away from promoting Stateside and has focused mostly in the Brazilian market, doing smaller shows but also serving as producer for larger supercards like the Bitetti Combat cards that have stirred US interest. Huggins has been unclear if he is going to run shows in Brazil under the ImpactFC Brand, having made somewhat conflicting statements on the topic. Huggins will still do multiple shows in Brazil over and above his Australian foray, including a big card in August.

Huggins has emphasized that he is not looking to compete with the UFC or Strikeforce, or pick a fight with them over talent, seeing the ImpactFC as something of a complementary product to those two. He looks at his event as a springboard, a high level event that the big shows can use to gauge where fighters are at, be they new undiscovered talent or guys that were in the bigger shows and are looking to get back there.

Huggins has been aggressively marketing the ImpactFC shows to television. The ImpactFC PPV show will be seen on television in USA, Austrailia, Japan, Canada, Brazil, and the UK. The PPV wills also be offered at as a PPV for those outside the US. Huggins has closed a deal with Esporte Interativo to carry the fights in Brazil , while the show can be seen on InDemand PPV in the US. Huggins has also stated there there will be a secondary TV airing in the US sometime after the PPV, with wider distribution.


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