Diaz Open to Possible Fight With Aoki

Fresh off his impressive submission victory over Hyato Mach Sakurai, Nick Diaz spoke with the Japanese press and made mention of a Dream fighter that might make for a good future opponent:

“I always wanted to fight Shinya Aoki, he’s a ….you know, I was a really big Shin….well, I don’t want to say I was a Shinya Aoki fan, its just that…. I felt like he got out and was able to do a lot of the tricks that I like to do, before I was able to do them…..and I was I guess you say, a little bit jealous in a way.. that he was making that sort of a show before I was, but I think the reason that he was doing that is because he didn’t have a complete game. Like….for instance I come out and I throw punches and so the guy wants to take me down. He comes out and he doesn’t throw punches, he doesn’t really have stand-up so he just goes for what he does and he finishes like that. If feel like if I ….If that was all I could do, I would finish like that, too, a lot of the time… but I go ahead and throw punches”

The Japanese press then asked him if he were to do a fight with Aoki would he willing to come down in weight to make the fight. Diaz -” If the pay is right. It’s gonna be a lot of hard work, regardless, having to lose weight or not. but on account of that I would ask for more money.”

Dream Prez Sasahara seemed cool to the idea presented with a question about Diaz’s comments:

Question──Nick Diaz said if the money is right he would fight Aoki.

Sasahara – Does he mean he’d lose weight? He’s crazy! The weight is too different. He won this time, but we won’t let him get away easily. We will have him back in the ring.

With Dream on a losing streak against Strikeforce, Sasahara may be a bit reticent to put his resident ace in a match-up with Diaz, which might end in another embarrassing defeat for Dream.

One possible impediment to having a Diaz vs Aoki showdown might be the Dream’s continued use of the White Cage, of which Diaz didn’t seem to be a fan. Dream Kingpin Sashahara talked during the the Japanese broadcast about what Dream fighters could possibly beat Diaz and said he wanted to keep bringing Diaz over and pairing him up. The press row queried Nick on if he was open to a fight career in between America and Japan:

Diaz: “I like fighting in the ring, so probably not if it’s in this cage again. I don’t like the way the cage is set up, I think it is really dangerous the way the metal comes up about three inches off the ground, people were putting their foot on it, I could see it. I was worried about getting taken down and landing backwards with my elbow and damaging my elbow, or even my head when I went on bottom that was what was in my head, that my head was gonna touch the back of that thing.”

With Diaz seemingly a perpetual inhabitant of the Strikeforce/Showtime doghouse, keeping his mind open to future Japan dates would be the best thing, whether they are using ring or cage. Whether he is forgoing California mandated drug tests or in the middle of post fight melees, some of Nick’s actions may put him in the position of being a beggar, and therefore, not a chooser.


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