Indecisive Yves Does It Again

That is Yves Lavigne doing his “calling the fight off, before he decided not to call if off” gimmick. For the good of the fighters and the sport he is reffing, Yves really needs to cut that stuff out. He had a similar such brain cramp in his call of the Matt Brown vs Pete Sell fight. Make a call, it will either be good or bad, but this kind of thing makes a farce of officiating and the sport.


2 Responses to Indecisive Yves Does It Again

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  2. JJ says:

    Say what you want about Yves Lavigne, he was the only person that seemed to notice Patrick Cote was illegally spiked on his head by Belcher.

    Cote landed on his face, which last time I checked is part of the head. You can’t spike someone on their head but you can spike them on their face???

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