Strikeforce Defy Boycott, Put Card in Arizona

Our friends over at ULTMMA have the news on Strikeforce selecting Phoenix as the site for an August Challenger’s card:

Strikeforce’s second Challengers card of the summer and first show in Arizona will likely take place at Phoenix’s Dodge Theater.

Sources close to the event have informed ( of the planned location for the Friday August 13th fight card.

The Dodge Theater is an indoor venue that seats 5,500 people. Located in the heart of downtown Phoenix the venue is normally reserved for musical acts, but has hosted boxing events in the past.

Arizona has been the subject of a boycott by multiple organizations and governmental bodies due to Arizona SB1070, which is widely viewed as an anti-immigrant law. The card by Strikeforce is to take place in August, falling after the July 29th date that the law will go into effect. MMA scribe Eddie Goldman was the first to questionthe moral and political implications of putting on a possible card in in Arizona in violation of the boycott. With the site selection process by Coker and Company being an elective one, it is unfortunate that they chose to ignore the boycott and place the the card in Phoenix. It will be interesting to see if there is any blowback from it’s fighters for the move. Hispanic-American fighters Nick Diaz and Gilbert Melendez are both high profile title holders for the San Jose based promotion. Neither appear on said card and neither have been very overtly outspoken on political causes, with the exception being Diaz’s support for the use of medicinal marijuana.


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