Carwin Manager Jason Genet Speaks on Good4U Ban

As the manager who initially brought Good4U into the UFC it is not as cut and dry as you imply. Our deal with the company for Carwin has little to do with fight time or appearing in x amount of UFC events. It is an endorsement based deal. There are not a lot of companies (non endemic) supporting fighters like Good4U. After working with Carwin they began to expand to other fighters in MMA.

All sponsors have to be approved by Zuffa. We submitted them for the Gonzaga fight and then the Mir fight and they were approved. They then had meetings with the UFC about specific ingredients in their product and can to an understanding of what they would need to do to not “compete” with either of Zuffa’s core sponsors. Good4u agreed to change the packaging and ingredients to meet Zuffa’s request. They went on to Sponsor Carwin again for 116, Todd Duffee, and several other fighters appearing in UFC events. I do not know the details of the other deals but I can tell you that Good4U was approved several times and made any adjustments asked of by Zuffa. So when they were not accepted for this fight it was a “new” development.

I know all managers are aware that the UFC has ultimate veto power of a sponsor, for any reason they wish. What Shane was saying about making a tough climate tougher is true. With sponsor tax, categories like online poker and online MMA retailers gone because they compete with Zuffa directly along with Title sponsors the landscape of opportunity is only getting smaller. You can’t compare Shaq to these fighters. Shaq has a guaranteed contract, health insurance, pension and a union that will fight to protect him. Fighters are independent contractors that pay their own money to train, pay trainers, buy training gear, pay hospital bills and more in the HOPES of being able to fight (if their opponent makes it through training and the promoter is financially secure). Fithers have more risk then the NBA player that rides the bench. As companies like the UFC grow they will gain more exclusive partners and the opportunity to sell in fight placement will become less and less viable to the fighters.

This is an excerpt from an email from a major organizations title sponsor re a fighter:

We are not interested in a long term contract, just a one fight deal at this time. What is the cost for a rear short placement & 50% banner?

Our jobs as Manager and Agents is to somehow develop opportunities around the exposure that is created by the promotion. There could come a time when no brands are allowed to be on fighters shorts. The athletes need to worry about building their individual brands so they can leverage the fame. If “sponsors” are going to focus on the fight being televised or not, or paying the fighters when they fight, they are essentially Ambush Marketing (illegal in some Countries) and not sponsoring or endorsing the athlete. We need to make sure that athletes have deals that perform outside of the time they are competing, ways for them to earn revenue when not fighting. It is our job to control the controllables and the promotions and what they want to do are beyond our control. We need to sit back and look for the revenue opportunities that may be created by our new found exposure created by the promotion and exploit what we find.

I am thankful to have clients like Good4U … who did not retreat from the sport when meet with this type of obstacle. They dug in and worked with us to find ways to still contribute to the Athletes they want to support. Camozzi and Good4U will be working together post fight. Thanks to some amazing sponsors … supporting un-televised fighters like Chris. These are true sponsors that are supporting the sport.

The managers have to work harder and smarter to gain exposure for the athletes they represent along with the brands they represent. Fighter short placement should not be sold as a commodity to increase brand exposure. The logo on the shorts is not more valuable then a finely tuned marketing plan leveraged around any notoriety that happens. If your selling placement on X fighter at Y televised event you are selling exposure that you do not own or control and you are setting yourself up for failure.

Courtesy of MMAJunkie


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